Personal Sprays

Personal Sprays

Mosquito Steve has dedicated over 15 years to finding out the most effective and natural mosquito solutions.

There are no solutions more effective than Mosquito Steve!

What makes our personal sprays unique is that we have conducted hundreds of field trials researching natural products and comparing them to brand name products. We have always had a higher standard for efficacy and quality. Our goal has always been to have the very best product, not just the safest.

When you choose Mosquito Steve you are choosing a natural repellent that is safe to use around children and pets and does not harm the beneficial insects in our environment. Other companies use DEET, Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids mixed in with Pipernyl Butoxide. These products are harmful to fish, cats and kill beneficial insects, like honeybees and butterflies, as well.


  • Our products are more effective than chemicals!
  • Our products are safe on kids, pets and don’t burn vegetation.
  • Our all natural, essential oil based products are better for the environment. They repel rather than kill!
  • Our products work on all species of mosquitoes…including Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus, and Culex!
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MOSQUITO STEVE is nationally recognized as an expert in mosquito behavior in residential and environments.