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About Mosquito Steve

Committed to making products safe for the whole family

How It Works

Female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite. They have a proboscis so they can suck out your blood. What’s worse, they have two appendages with serrated edges on either side of the proboscis so they can cut a hole in you to put their proboscis in!

Once the female mosquito a belly full of blood, she can lay viable eggs. Depending on the species, mosquitoes will lay 100 to 250 eggs. She might lay eggs three times before her life ends, usually in two to three weeks.

Mosquito Steve products affect multiple receptors on the mosquito antennae. That makes our products more effective but also keeps the mosquitoes from building a resistance for much longer than products that rely on the olfactory sense alone. This is why we layer our essential oils so that as one essential oil stops working another one takes its place.

So, when you treat the landing and hiding places of the mosquito, it is so irritating to the mosquito that they flee. They can float in the air but it is unlikely they will do this for long. So they leave.

However, when you have a blood meal outdoors, their instinct is to fight through anything to get that blood meal so their eggs will be viable. If you have treated but are sitting outside for long, it would not be unusual for a mosquito to fly in from somewhere else to get their blood meal. So, now, how do we keep them from flying in?

That is what misting systems are for! Misting systems can keep mosquitoes from flying in by building up a bubble of repellency they will not fly through. But misting systems can be expensive.

We have found that our incense will work well to prevent fly-ins. Maybe not quite as well as misting but for a fraction of the price you can get relief.

We expect to have some manually operated, relatively inexpensive sprayers that could do the job of misting by Spring of 2021 (Coming SOON!). By 2022, we believe we will have a spray system for the back yard that will be much less expensive than misting systems but will actually do a better job. Plus, for the DIY guy your refills will be easily available and affordable. 

How Do We Know Our Products Are Better Than Everyone Else?

We have thoroughly tested our products using human landing rate counts. The National Institute of Health calls human landing rate counts the GOLD STANDARD of testing! However, most products rely on lab testing because of the dangers of allowing thousands of mosquitoes to land on you and possibly infect you with a lethal disease like West Nile Virus.

Laboratory mosquitoes are not the same as those raised outdoors where each generation of mosquitoes is more advanced than the last. They are subject to the elements of the outdoors, including pesticides, where they adapt to survive.

We perform real world testing to compare our products to others. We do this with all of our products. We don’t rely on what the chemical salesman told us and neither should you!

Read about why real-world testing, like we do at Mosquito Steve, is the most accurate method of testing.

We hired three entomologists to validate our field trials in the last 15 years. One of them even claimed we had “discovered the Holy Grail” since we created an EPA Exempt product that really works!

Mosquito Steve has had more than 2000 bites in a single evening in order to test his products! Through thousands of field trials, we have honed our products specifically to work better and last longer than DEET, Picaridin or any other products! We guarantee it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait after a yard spray before my kids and dogs can play in the grass?

You might want to let the spray dry a little, so maybe 15 minutes. However, it will not harm them to go out immediately after we are done!

How long should I wait after misting for the best effects?

We recommend misting 10 to 15 minutes for the best results.

Should I program my system to spray once or twice a day or just use the remote control?

Misting refills can be expensive. So, we recommend you save money by only using the remote control. Over-spraying seldom does any good, even with harsh chemicals. The beauty about using Mosquito Steve misting is that you can save hundred, even thousands of dollars by just misting ten to fifteen minutes before you use your yard!

I have Type O blood. Will mosquitoes bite me more?

This is a great question. First of all, keep in mind that we emit 300 different compounds that attract mosquitoes. So, while your blood type, how much garlic or sugar you eat and your skin type might make you more attractive to some mosquito species, we really don't know exactly what it is that will make them bite you more often than your spouse! Many factors play a role, including, how close to the end of the season we are as mosquitoes can get more aggressive.

I have heard dryer sheets will repel mosquitoes. Is this true?

I have tested many of the home remedies and internet hoaxes. Dryer sheets had, literally, no effect. We even did that on live TV (Good Morning Texas thank you Page McCoy Smith!) We have field tested bracelets, lemon dish soap, traps and none of them seem to make much difference. The devices you clip on your belt seemed to work well IF YOU STAY STILL! But, if you move then you have to stay still for five minutes or more for it to work again. It says that on the directions. It is ALWAYS a good idea to read the directions and warnings on chemical labels!

We have a tube trap that uses yeast to attract mosquitoes and then after they eat the yeast it blows them up. It seemed to work so why are you saying it doesn't?

All traps will work to some degree. Whether they will be enough is the question. In most cases, they harm beneficial insects or simply attract everything but female mosquitoes. In the yeast traps, look at the holes at the top. Mosquitoes rarely crawl much. However, they expect you to believe that the mosquitoes crawl through those tiny holes, drop down and eat the yeast, then CRAWL OUT the tiny hole and fly away only to blow up from eating the yeast! If you read reviews, you can see some telling signs. First of all, people rarely find mosquitoes in their traps. They explain that by saying the mosquitoes flew away and blew up. Show me! I don't believe the mosquitoes eat the yeast and I don't believe they crawl through holes too small for them once, much less twice!

More likely, the reason why your trap is performing well is due to the cyclical nature and weather patterns. For instance, we have had odd patterns in North Texas the last two years. Mosquito season was short but in the Spring and Fall the mosquito populations became large and aggressive. From what we can tell, traps worked great when the populations were small but not when they are large.

It is more likely that the traps seemed like they were working but the truth was that the populations were unseasonably low. That is why we apply a consistent program throughout the season and beef it up in the Spring and Fall!