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Mosquito Treatment for Special Events

Keep your guests safe & protected

Keep Your Outdoor Events Mosquito-Free

(and don't expose your guests to harsh chemicals)

Are you having a wedding, a reunion or some other sort of outdoor event? If you are worried about mosquitoes and flies we can help!

We are looking for event planers in all areas to train them on how to treat for insect pests during outdoor events. We are experts in this area. We have treated areas where hundreds of people gather and food was sitting out for 4-6 hours and had no flies or mosquitoes!

Call us today and ask us if we have someone in your area that can treat for your event. If we don’t, training your event planner is quick and easy!

Right now, we are available in North Texas as well as Southern Houston and Galveston.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait after a yard spray before my kids and dogs can play in the grass?

You might want to let the spray dry a little, so maybe 15 minutes. However, it will not harm them to go out immediately after we are done!

How long should I wait after misting for the best effects?

We recommend misting 10 to 15 minutes for the best results.

Should I program my system to spray once or twice a day or just use the remote control?

Misting refills can be expensive. So, we recommend you save money by only using the remote control. Over-spraying seldom does any good, even with harsh chemicals. The beauty about using Mosquito Steve misting is that you can save hundred, even thousands of dollars by just misting ten to fifteen minutes before you use your yard!