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Do-It-Yourself Mosquito Treaments

Safe for the Whole Family

Treat Your Yard.  Save Some Dough.

(who can argue with that?)

Do you want to treat your yard but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars each season or install a misting system?

Try our Mosquito Steve Ready-To-Use (RTU) Hose End Sprayer, some granules and some incense!

Hose End Sprayer

Our Ready-To-Use Hose End Sprayer will cover 3500-5000 square feet. Simply hook it to your hose and go! Spray furniture, under furniture, shrubs, grass, gutters, under decks, in ground cover… ANYWHERE a mosquito might land or hide. People always call and ask: Even the concrete? YES! 

Be sure to spray in standing water and in drains. The beautiful thing about using our hose end sprayer is that it makes it easy to be thorough! Remember, when getting rid of mosquitoes, thoroughness is the key!

Whether you use our RTU Hose End Sprayer or have one of your own, you can refill by using our 16 OZ Hose End Refill. Add just a few ounces to your sprayer reservoir and then FILL WITH WATER. Connect it to your hose end spray!

Amazing Granules

Next, sprinkle some amazing granules in your drains and in any standing water. This will make it unlikely the female mosquitoes will lay eggs there. You can also sprinkle the granules in ground cover and places where the underside of leaves might not have been wetted by hose end spraying. You will be amazed if you throw some granules under shrubs and watch flying insects go away!

Incense Sticks

Now, if you want a little extra protection, ten minutes before you gather outside, stick two or three of our 19” incense sticks in potted plants or near the area you will be sitting. As best possible, try to surround the area you will be lounging. If you have more then four or five people you may need to add a couple more! The incense will help protect your area for up to three hours! AND, it smells great!

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