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Commercial & Municipal Mosquito Treatments

Safe for the Whole Community

Beyond the Backyard

Mosquito Steve can protect entire communities

Today’s families are asking for safer and more effective mosquito control. By using Mosquito Steve products, you don’t have to sacrifice efficacy for safety.

Our yard spray and granule treatment program works well with a stand IPM program. Simply treat standing water in drains and creeks by adding a few ounces of our yard spray concentrate along with granules. The larva will not survive and the granules will keep the female mosquitoes from laying their eggs in that water source.

With Mosquito Steve products, you can be sure you are using a safe alternative and your constituents are getting the best, and safest results.

We have extreme bulk volume discounts and sample packages so you can try us out. Please call Mosquito Steve for more information!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your products are a premium because of their essential oils. How can I justify spending more money to treat our community?

We love this question. How effective are your treatments now? Most of the time, the results are not as expected. Even during the Zika breakout in Florida a few years back, Tom Frieden, the director of the CDC, claimed, “The pesticides work not working as well as expected.”
Our products cost more to make but when we get into bulk totes and drums, we can be pretty competitive. Plus, you will have a much happier community! How much is THAT worth?

Will your products work in open fields, around creeks and in wooded areas?

Yes! Our 7030.4 Yard Spray will work better than the chemicals and in the same areas!

Do your products kill fish or beneficial insects?

Unless a beneficial insect is flying right in front of your ULV spray system, it is unlikely they will be hurt. We treat several customers that raise honeybees! We don’t spray the hives themselves, but we treat all around with no known affects to the hive.

We often wonder why anyone would use products with the labels you find on the harsh chemicals. Most of them are clear that they kill fish and aquatic life. Yet, day after day lakes, rivers, creeks and ponds are sprayed with products toxic to the fish. Mosquito Steve products are exempt because they do no harm to fish.

The distributor we buy our chemicals from says natural products don’t work. These chemical companies are experts so why aren’t they selling your products?

Some day they will be selling our products. Most of them have never tried our products! In fact, most of them have never even tried their own products! If they would do field trials using human landing rate counts they would find that their products don’t stack up well against Mosquito Steve. Don’t rely on laboratory testing because those mosquitoes are not the same as the ones in the wild!

We have been doing the same things and using the same products for years. How can we get our guys to change their old habits?

Mosquito Steve would be happy tor train your people on how to use safer methods for better effects.

Do you drop ship?

Yes we do. But we are looking for distributors and distribution centers around the country to help us keep the costs down on shipping.