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Mosquito Misting Systems & Yard Treatments

Safe for the Whole Family.
Custom Installed in Dallas/Fort Worth.

The One-Two Punch For a Mosquito-Free Yard

(that's safe for kids, pets & beneficial insects)

The combination of the monthly yard treatment and the misting system is an UNBEATABLE one-two punch that gets rid of mosquitoes with long term results.

Mosquito Yard Treatments

Misting systems alone, are not as effective as they used to be. Mosquitoes survive by hiding so they have become very good at it! They will hide under decks, under shrubs and under furniture! Just like they hide when it rains, once the spray settles, they come out again.

Mosquito Steve yard treatments are meant to take away those landing and hiding places. Our yard treatments, including granules, are so irritating to those mosquitoes that they fly away. Yard treatments, of any kind, will not keep mosquitoes from flying in from next door! So, unless your next door neighbor uses Mosquito Steve, you may need some sort of misting or backyard sprayer if you are having a gathering where you will attract mosquitoes. Sometimes, just using our incense along with yard treatments will work. We always recommend that people start with yard treatments before going to the cost of adding a misting system. Did you know mosquitoes will commonly travel for hundreds of yards for a blood meal?

Our products last longer and are better for the environment. As always with Mosquito Steve, you don’t have to worry about your kids and pets playing in the yard afterward!

  • Helps eliminate chiggers and fleas
  • Smells better than the chemicals
  • Use your yard immediately after treatment
  • Longer lasting and more effective
  • Our innovative products don’t break down in the sunlight so they last longer

Mosquito Misting Systems

Misting systems have been around for many years. The technology has been around for years. The truth is, the products that are being misted in most systems have been around for decades as well. Therefore, the mosquitoes have built a resistance to them. So they just keep adding more chemicals to try and make them work. They also are setting the systems to spray, sometimes, 4 to 5 times a day far exceeding the legal limit for those chemicals in the air. This also increases the chances of harming beneficial insects.

Mosquito Steve Misting Concentrate is a repellent. We spray for longer durations but fewer times in the day; generally once or twice a day. Our products last longer and do not break down in sunlight like the Pyrethroids. Our products push out from the areas you want protection, rather than perimeter sprays that choke off all insect life. Even still, sometimes yard spray treatments are needed in conjunction with misting, no matter what product you are misting! We recommend trying yard treatments before taking on the cost of a misting system installation.

Mosquito Steve Misting products are repellents but work better than the lethal products and Pyrethroids. We push out instead of strangling off like the harsh chemicals. Therefore, we can often save money on installations by using fewer nozzles and saving time on installations.

  • Repel don’t kill
  • Bee and Butterfly friendly
  • Only use when you need it
  • Great fragrance
  • Like all Mosquito Steve products, safe on kids and pets

Spray heads in your landscaping where the mosquitos like to hide!

Spray heads professionally mounted under the eaves around your house

Guard the perimeter of your yard with spray heads along fencing and borders.

The misting system hub is small and can easily be hidden in your yard.

Our Proven, All-Natural Products, Shipped Straight To You

nothing is more effective

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait after a yard spray before my kids and dogs can play in the grass?

You might want to let the spray dry a little, so maybe 15 minutes. However, it will not harm them to go out immediately after we are done!

How long should I wait after misting for the best effects?

We recommend misting 10 to 15 minutes for the best results.

Should I program my system to spray once or twice a day or just use the remote control?

Misting refills can be expensive. So, we recommend you save money by only using the remote control. Over-spraying seldom does any good, even with harsh chemicals. The beauty about using Mosquito Steve misting is that you can save hundred, even thousands of dollars by just misting ten to fifteen minutes before you use your yard!