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Protect Your Backyard...


Simple. Portable. Effective.

For the first time ever, real mosquito control for under $700!

Check out our Mosquito Steve Model 14 (1/4 Acre) Sprayer!

With the touch of a button on the remote control, this machine will spray for three minutes giving your family protection from mosquitoes for up to 6 HOURS! There is nothing like it!

It even connects to your home WIFI for automated spraying!

Tested and proven technology, this sprayers uses Mosquito Steve's misting formula that is bee and butterfly friendly! Each fill up gives about 18 sprays which will last most people about a month.

Simple, effective, safe...like all Mosquito Steve products!


Service Providers

Friendly Outdoor Solutions Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton
Ron's Organics
 | Dallas
Green Army | Dallas