4th of July Bundle


The last thing we want during our 4th of July celebrations is to be frustrated by pests. You have spent time and money planning the perfect holiday celebration. Watching fireworks, grilling, listening to music and enjoying the company of our loved ones. Dealing with flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and other frustrating insects may not have crossed your mind but these bugs are determined to put a damper on whatever you have planned. All the effort spent on creating the perfect holiday experience is wasted as everyone you care about gets eaten alive by pests. You could spend hundreds of dollars on treatments leading up to your celebration. Hopefully they will work. How frustrated will you be after you have spent all that money just to end up fighting pests for the holiday anyway? Why not protect yourself for this holiday and beyond? The 4th of July bundle contains some of our best products, all capable of protecting you not only for this holiday, but for the weeks and months after.


Bundle contents: 2oz and 4oz Original Repellent, 8oz Candle, 32oz Porch Spray, Hose End Sprayer and Refill Combo, and 5lbs of Granules.